Vision, Mission & Objective


To be the first and lead Local Entrepreneur in Optical Sports accessories in the World”


To create, develop, manufacture quality product which can increase the awareness on healthy lifestyle while having fun to the local and international people.”

Quality of our business;

“Offering products that is value for money”

Quality to our customers;

 “To innovate in meeting the changing customer needs”

“Fun Sport = Healthy Life”

Quality of our investors;

We have long-term responsibility to everyone who has stake in the business”

“Our objective is to earn profits needed to provide a consistent increase in the value of our investments”

“To obtain high credits ratings”

“To finance the ongoing development and growth of the business”

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Our company’s name is Optic Sports Enterprise. We develop, create, manufacture, and sell all kind of digital sports gadget and sports attire that can satisfy our customers and encourage them to be more active in sports and to live a long and healthy life. Our main target market are individuals or organizations which are currently actively focusing on their own stamina, determination on keeping fit and also for the sports enthusiast regional, national and international and at the same time generate income to Brunei economics and create jobs for local people.


By having this one of a kind company / organization, Brunei Darussalam can be one of the main highlight on having / owning the first ever product which can enter the market globally and furthermore be the top country around the world that has a product which has a high quality and very affordable product namely the Digital Running Sunglasses which people from all ages can use for keeping their health awareness and at the same time having fun.  

Key Features.

¡  Rechargeable batteries.

¡  Can be solar-powered (TBC)

¡  Adjustable temples for a customized fit and maximize stability.

¡  Water-resistant exterior.

¡  Water-resistance cover at charge port and switch on/off button

¡  Detachable Extra layered frame (inside sunglasses) for people who uses correction glasses

¡  Detachable sponge / flexible rubber to avoid sweats to the eyes

¡  Light-weight.

¡  Portable.

¡  Cushion at the handle for comfort and soft adjustable nose clips.

¡  Prefer dark color materials, for better absorption and emission of heat

¡  Available in a range of design & colors

¡  Quality should withstand for a maximum duration of 2 – 3 years

¡  2 years warranty for the body and 1 year warranty for the electronically part.


Target Market;

¡  Asia Countries, European & International market / Regional & International people.

¡  Shops especially sports shops (which sells sports attire, Bicycle shops and etc) and optical shops.

¡  Olympic 2012 event (will encourage people to use this product to increase / improve their stamina and etc..

¡  High end investors example Nike, Addidas, Apple manufacturer, Sony, Samsung or etc (Exit strategies)

Size of the current market;

¡  Domestic users at first than expand more to neighboring countries to International

¡  Number of populations in number! (which are currently increasing rapidly)

¡  Target market:

  • 1st stage:       Asia Countries
  • 2nd stage:      EUROPE
  • 3rd stage:      International

¡  The number of estimated sports enthusiast is currently increasing regionally and internationally.

¡  Currently people are aware of becoming healthy and the most common exercise people do is by doing sports namely walking, jogging, cycling, hiking and joining mini marathon (for those who are already active in sports).

¡  Event managers regional and internationally are rapidly organizing marathon that encourage people to join and becoming more active in sports.

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